Various Caribbean Stud Poker Promotions

Bodog Casino is one of the few that does and for a lucky player Christmas came earlier this year as she won a massive $141,000 while wagering a single dollar. This is the beauty of the game, because in addition to winning individual rounds by making a better hand than the dealer, you always have the chance of taking down the jackpot.

Whenever players are presented with the opportunity of playing for the jackpot, they need to decide whether it is worth investing an additional dollar or not. In very few cases the decision is to cut down on the additional expense, because there is always the risk of hitting a Royal flush. Kelly J of California was smart enough not to be cheap and this paid off for her because Bodog Casino rewarded her with $141,000 the next day. Like many of the jackpot winners before her, Kelly was surprised by the good fortune and until the officials confirmed the win, she assumed that she is simply dreaming.

The jackpot is not the only prize that can be won by making the side bet, because there are many other fixed payouts for Caribbean stud poker players. A flush will pay $75, a full house raises the amount is $100 and those who are lucky enough to be dealt a four of a kind hand will cash in $500. Straight flushes will trigger the release of a prize equaling 10% of the total jackpot, and since these sometimes exceeds $1 million, this is not an amount to frown upon.

Caribbean Stud poker bounty tournaments

Caribbean stud poker is just as many other casino games one that is played against the house, which explains why players are so concerned with how high the house edge is. While it is nothing more than wishful thinking to hope that by using the right strategy one can offset this edge, with the right tactics it is possible to decrease it a lot. There is no way to eliminate the casino from the equation, but Caribbean stud poker bounty tournaments make it possible for players to compete against their peers as well.

The question is why would a player wish to add another competitor into the mix, but the bounties themselves provide a good answer. There are plenty of rules that apply to such tournaments, but one of the common ones state that whenever someone eliminates the player, collects a bounty. In most online casinos, the reward is half the buy in, which means that players are encouraged to eliminate at least two opponents. If they succeed in their attempt, they will keep whatever profits they make at the end of the tournament, as they have already paid him directly for the buy-in. gives some interesting explanations about how these bounty tournaments work, but there are a couple of things that need to be taken into account as well. For starters, you can't afford to focus exclusively on eliminating other players because overdoing it can cost you more money on the long run. Many inexperienced Caribbean poker stud players are getting involved with hands that are mediocre and outplay them hoping to cash in on the bounty. If you stray too far from the original strategy, you risk losing several buy ins and leave many tournaments prematurely, with the losses easily offsetting the gains brought by the bounty.