Betting Tips: Making the Game Work For You and Not Against You

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Welcome to our betting tips page, where you will find all the necessary information regarding help and advice for your classic games that are held in a casino and for sports betting. When it comes to selecting the right odds and the games with the best odds, you will learn how to improve your betting return with some very handy advice.

1. Access the best betting tips that are proven to help increase your profit rate when playing any game

Most betting tips websites are greatly flawed as they make wild predictions and make nonsensical tips that are hugely implausible. The bottom line with us is that we can’t tell you how to play live games found in a casino but what we can do is tell you how to prolong your game time, as an example.

Betting tips have to be realistic and plausible so we have selected the games where they work. Such as cricket betting tips and predicting lives score. We also cover a range of casino-action aside from sports bets. You’ll learn about the best bets to score a win with poker and lottery games like bingo.

No one can tell you how to win on a slot machine, for example, but we can tell you how to pick the best games that actually payout.

2. Never use what is referred to as “free betting tips”: make that rule number one and you’ll do well

The killer term is “free tips”, please, the best betting tips come from studying and not just off the cuff suggestions.

Let us look at this in closer detail with Caribbean Stud. Both in land-based and virtual casinos, players have to be aware that there are certain maximum payouts that cannot be exceeded. This means that even if the payout for a royal flush might be 1 to 1000, when you bet $20 you will still win only $10,000 if this is the casino’s upper limit. Basically any amount that exceeds this threshold is not paid, so there is no point in betting more than $10 per round. To go even further with the calculations, players should realize the fact that the total bet consists of the ante plus an equal amount represented by the call wager.

In the example depicted above, it is obvious that the player should invest no more than $5 as an ante and match it with another $5 if the cards are worth playing. When the top limit is low, players who have the tendency to gamble higher amounts should refrain from doing so because top paying hands might be less profitable. On the other hand, the chances for the player to be dealt such cards are relatively low and those who place the emphasis on steady gains can afford to disregard the potential losses caused by the limit.

If we pick football or cricket, then look at live scores. The average return for a favourite to win 1-0 is 3/1 with an accumulator of these will begin to great increase should you predict a higher score. Most tips betting play safe scores, say 1-0 2-0 or 2-1. It’s very rare that they will opt for a draw. Scores are very much like the sport, very surprising. If you pick the top 8 or 9 teams from the major leagues all to win, it won’t come in, there is always a team that will leave their brains at home.

The tip is this, when picking live scores always wait till halve time and access games which are drawing equal, either 0-0 or 1-1 for example. Under the premise that the team which has the most corners is in fact the team pressing most. If the score is 0-0 with a high corner succession then opt for late 1-0 winner to the team with more corners. If the score is 1-1 at half time or 2-2 then stake a wager where it’s a higher score so rather than say 2-1 if 1-1, go for 3-2 or 3-1.

Customers only often see black and white with bets but everything is relative.

3. We wouldn’t class yourselves as the best betting tips site but the results are for you to decide

Free betting tips: Avoid! So let us take a view of the sport bets and the predictions to make. Since sports betting began, tipsters have crawled out of the wood work with suggestions, problem is the returns are far too small to even put the effort in to make the bet. The highest peak of betting is the weekend which also the wrong time to be making the bets. People keep options open till the final moment which will yield smaller odds, the best time is to wait 3 days prior to an event to get back better odds. The pinnacle of mega returns comes with accumulators with three or more events. The option is open to any mixed option of bets where you could have one horse racing bet and one from an international game and let’s say tennis.

4. We do offer you pro betting tips from every corner of the betting market that is found online

Some of the advice out there come from people’s personal experience rather than people hazarding a guess to what and outcome would be. The best betting tips site will know of the game in question. We dabble in poker and thusly, here is some advice on it.

Those who play a lot of Caribbean stud poker, might benefit from using a deposit options such as the Paysafecard to avoid lengthy downswings. These virtual cards have been around for quite a while and are extremely popular in Europe, although not all virtual casinos accept them. The reason for why they are more popular with the customers than with the operators, is that they don't require players to disclose a great deal of personal information. All it takes is purchasing a card that is worth between €10 and €100 and the money can be used immediately to fund Caribbean stud poker expenses.

When it comes to lotto, the best thing to do is to use your bingo experience and give the game a social dimension, by joining or creating a syndicate. Finding strength in numbers has been a constant objective for humans and it makes perfect sense to use the same approach when playing the lottery. One in four jackpots are won by a syndicate, and the reason for why this happens has a lot to do with the financial potency of such a group. While an individual would find it unaffordable to add more numbers on the lottery ticket, for a syndicate it is merely a formality because the group raises enough money.

Whether a syndicate manager is in charge of purchasing the tickets, choosing the numbers and other technicalities or members do it in rotation, is less important. As long as there is trust and respect between members, and the system follows a strict set of rules nothing bad can happen and the chances of winning are greatly improved.

5. We look to progress beyond other betting tips websites and actually help players to produce the goods

We are confident enough to suggest that we do provide pro betting tips. Our experience with bookmakers and knowing how to read any game builds a betting expert but no one is perfect. If you were to ask how do you win craps in a casino when playing online we’d say to use a free bet and then to budget the free money to prolong your gameplay. There are no ‘cheats’ for these games, unless you card count or fix a sports game, so play within moderation to what can actually be achieved.

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