Common sense strategies for keno players

Two types of number games and the immensely popular game of Keno are available to anyone willing to pay the small price of a ticket. One number games are the ones where the player chooses one number that has 3 to 5 digits and plays it as either a box or a straight. In the first case he wins regardless of the number extracted as long as it contains all the digits, while the straight bet is a winner when the chosen number is extracted.

Multi-number games require just as the name indicates, the player to choose a set of number and have all of them extracted to win the jackpot. Prizes are awarded to those who indicate correctly just a handful of numbers, although their amount is smaller. Keno has been around for quite a while and it is basically a different type of multi-number game, with the difference being that players select ten numbers ranging from one to eighty two. Twice as many numbers than selected are drawn and the payouts vary depending on how many of these numbers are called.

The similarity between these games explain why people who were used to playing one type make the transition to the other swiftly. A more significant step is the one involving the transition from regular Keno games to those played online, but this change is mostly for the better. Playing for free is something that members can take for granted, while the welcome bonuses give them a taste of what real money Keno is like online.

Common sense strategies for keno players

The vast majority of the lottery and keno strategies available on the internet are bogus ones, or scams that some use to deceive players to pay for them. Since those who are playing are always trying to improve their chances, it comes as no surprise that the are constantly looking for ways of beating the odds. Not all of them are scams though, and some use logic and mathematics to predict the outcome of draws, or to improve the bankroll management.

The tracking system implies the fact that players keep track of the numbers that were drawn in the past, which explains why this strategy is also known as frequency analysis. Users decide how long should the period of time over which they keep track of numbers be, but the rule states that the longer it is the more accurate the results. Keno players who are interested in using the tracking system will have their hands full, because it takes a lot of research to determine which are the cold and hot numbers. The ones that are drawn more often are cold hot and the others cold, but knowing which numbers fall in one category or another doesn't guarantee a win.

In fact, there is no standard rule for playing hot or cold numbers, and it is up to the player to stick to the ones that are drawn often, or count on the reversal of the trend. The popularity of tracking is constantly on the rise, but this doesn't mean that the strategy with produce more Keno winning and shouldn’t be regarded as foolproof. Each draw is different and past results have no impact on current draws, so players shouldn't overestimate the efficiency of this system and invest more money than they can afford to lose. If you want to know more, have a look of