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People bet the amount they consider reasonable and know exactly how much money they will make if the outcome is favorable. There are no strings attached and no hidden rules, so you don't need to be experienced in the art of playing roulette to make money. Bankroll management is useful for those who make it more than on occasional activity, but for adrenaline junkies even a short session every now and then can be sufficient.

Over the Internet the game has been tweaked a bit, and now players can choose between different types of roulette, including multiwheel, Roulette Royale and progressive roulette. The vast majority of players choose to stick to the traditional version, because they don't like the aggravation caused by a new game, even when the differences are negligible. If you are among the more conservative players, but can appreciate a quality bonus, make sure to check out roulettes that have free spins. The reason is that virtually nothing changes except for the opportunity of spinning the ball for free a couple of times.

There are two ways in which free spins work, and the outcome is the same because players can win more money without investing more. We learnt on one site, when we started out playing, that one version of free spins roulettes allow players to make another bet for free immediately after the ball lands on an area that has the free spin color. The previous stake is preserved, which means that the higher the amount the player chose to gamble, the better the potential profits will be. The other type of free spins roulette is also triggered by the ball landing on the colored zone, but in this case the next spin will cost the same amount but double the profits. For more information on this area of roulette pop to and they'll have it covered.

Roulette games developed by RTG

Real Time Gaming might not be the absolute leader when it comes to developing casino games, though they are a favourite of, but it is surely right there at the top. Its commitment to online roulette is what turned RTG into one of the most respected developers and the number of casinos powered by its software is on the rise. While many chose to stick to traditional roulette games and focused exclusively on the visual side, RTG innovated the industry by creating inspired hybrids. Introducing free spins was a brilliant idea and although there are now casinos outside their network offering this feature, they were the ones promoting the concept first.

Roulette players who want to enjoy the same progressive jackpots that other table games offer, can rest assured that Real Time Gaming casinos have at least one such game. The rules are the same but there are minimal wagering requirements for those who want to qualify for the progressive jackpot. Multi-table roulette is also a relatively new concept but there are already plenty of casinos that have embraced it. By playing at several tables at once, it is possible to greatly decrease the time spent in front of the computer while winning just as much money.

RTG games are virtually free of technical glitches and which is very important given the fact that a lot of money is ventured in each spin. In terms of visuals and interface, their roulette tables feature crisp colors without being excessive in any way. Players can easily see all their bets and calculate their profits immediately after the ball lands on one number or the other. is a website that discusses the availability of free gaming, worth a look should you wish to increase your chances to take advantage of money for nothing games. As we like to cover all realms and followers, you can source further information at if you are following us from South Africa, welcome to the party!