Blackjack Rules: Learn to Play the Most Popular Card Game in Casinos

Rules of Blackjack Rules of Blackjack

Welcome to the next phase of our blackjack online guide where we will explore the must-know blackjack rules. Here we will break down the rules very simply so that even a blind person can take on board our words. If you have not ventured to our other articles yet, then we have more information on the strategical side of the game and links that will take you to casinos that offer the game with free bonuses to use.

Here we introduce the rules of blackjack so you can begin playing immediately on our free games

When it comes to the game, many a new player is put off because of thinking that the blackjack rules are far too time consuming and complex. Don’t let this be your loss. The two cards game is very easy and simple to grasp and our blackjack game rules will be easy to digest, promise and once you learn them, our basic strategy article will make more sense and it’s all combined.

The blackjack casino rules are very simple and quick to learn so you’ll be winning in no time

The blackjack game will come in two formats, machine and live dealer. No matter which way you wish to bet the rules remain the same. So let us begin.

Blackjack rules card game: Blackjack can be played with any number of decks and of this each card is given a point value. Cards marked between 2 and Ten retain their value for what they are. Cards beyond ten which are the kings and queen etc. come in with a value of 10. This leaves you with one card left, the Ace, scored as a 1 or eleven.

From these you need to form 21 as a total or as close to it to win. You’ll be dealt two cards and it’s at this point you decide four key moves. Hit, Stand, Split or Double down. We have already provided a blackjack rules chart for these moves in our other article.

You can use the casino blackjack rules you learn here to play and format of the game be it machine or live

The rules for blackjack are that simple, go over 21 and you go bust. So this is why you have the option to split the cards, for example, if you total is too low to challenge for 21. The simple blackjack rules that are for these ways of betting are also simple.

  • Hit: to take another card from the deck.
  • Stand: keep what you have.
  • Double down: Double the bet you had originally made and receive an additional card. Note: the dealer has the right not to do this move depending on the house you play in.
  • Split: each of the original cards becomes its own bet with additional cards added on top to land 21.

Knowing how to master the blackjack betting rules along with strict budgeting is the key to success

The rules of blackjack work alongside the blackjack strategy we discuss in our other article, by knowing the blackjack casino rules and learning the different tact of betting, especially on the machines then you have both the time to learn fully and the insurance of not losing anything.

Enjoy your experience of the table game here once you know all about the blackjack game rules

If you play live the dealer will help just in case you get stuck with the casino blackjack rules. Practice before gambling is always advised, it’s safer to test out the blackjack betting rules and how to budget for a real money game against the dealer. Should find it not to be a game you enjoy then we have more fair odds games to try throughout our site.

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