The Game of Craps, the Game of Roulette

Most online casino have it among other popular games and their members can start by playing the play money versions, before trying the real deal. The house edge is relatively low as casino games and players have several chances to beat the odds, over the course of a few betting rounds. They need to decide whether to bet in favor of the player who rolls the dice or against him, with a few additional rules aimed at spicing things up.

Unlike a regular casino where you need to deal with the unbridled enthusiasm of others while picking up the basics, there are no such distractions when you play at home. The educational sections make it easy to understand what the betting rounds are, which is the come out roll and what numbers trigger the end of a round and produce payments. Another thing that players need to learn is how to bet inside the pass line, and overcome the slight edge that the house holds in the game of Craps.

The Pass bet takes place at the beginning or each round and depending on the numbers that are rolled, the bet can be a winner or a loser. Numbers such as 7 and 11 trigger the payout while 2,3 and 12 are losing numbers, with the remaining numbers winning only if they are rolled again before the next 7 or 11. The benefit of betting inside the pass line is that players enjoy the same odds as the house, which makes this one of the few exceptions when the house doesn’t has the edge.

Roulette evolution continues online

The game of roulette has been around for centuries and over the course of time the differences were minor, so the game we enjoy these days in casinos is very similar to the original. This doesn't mean that the evolution of roulette has ended because the Internet presents us with new types of roulette, inspired by the original. These hybrid games are combining some of the most popular features from other games, with the ones that are specific to roulette, to make the game more exciting.

Multi-hand video poker is not a novelty and those who spend enough time playing online casino games are surely aware of their existence. These are basically regular games of video poker pushed into overdrive as players have the chance of competing at different virtual tables to maximize their winnings. The same concept has been introduced in roulette so the multi-wheel version is just as the name suggests, a cluster of roulettes that spin at the same time unrelated to each other. Players can choose the number of roulettes that they intend to play at, and also the stakes they feel comfortable wagering.

There are two main reasons for why people routinely play multi-wheel roulette instead of regular ones, with celerity and the promise of better games being at the top of the list. With as many as eight roulettes spinning at the same time, one can decrease the amount of time spent at the table dramatically, while enjoying several chances to win. The trick is not the greedy and keep the stakes sensible, because if luck is not on their side and they keep wagering high amounts, the losses will compile quickly.