Texas Hold’em for Newbies

At http://www.playtexaspokernow.com we strive to present beginners with some of the most basic poker rules, so that they would stand a fighting chance until they get the ability to outshine opponents. It shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to pick up the basics and understand the way this version of poker is supposed to be played.

The blinds are paid in the pre-flop phase, where two of the players are tagged as the small and big blind, with the latter paying twice the amount the former does. While it is important to defend your blinds as often as possible, most of the times it is worth forsaking these small amounts in order to avoid getting pot committed. Having proper position will grant your opponent the chance to strike, but instead of fighting back it is sometimes better to wait for your own opportunity to reclaim blinds. In the pre-flop phase, it is vital to protect premium cards, while folding most of the marginal hands instead of calling raises.

Most of the parts are won or lost on the flop, because this is the moment when continuation bets cause most of the players to fold. http://www.playtexaspokernow.com tells why it is important to take this street particularly serious and how your actions can affect your chances of winning the pot. Those who showed aggressive in the pre-flop phase have a better chance of throwing opponents off balance by firing another bullet. On the turn a single card is revealed, and the same happens on the river and if two or more players go all the way with their hand, the showdown is reached.

Win the marathon with tracking software

A poker tournament can last for many hours and those who don't have the stamina and ability to stay focused for long periods of time should choose cash games instead. On the other hand, if you feel that you have the abilities to be a successful tournament player, help yourself to a poker tracking software. These applications are not for free, at least not the best ones but they will pay for themselves in a not so distant future. The sheer length of a poker tournament means that the program has plenty of time to collect and interpret valuable information about your opponents.

Especially those who compete in major events that take place on a weekly basis, will encounter more or less the same opponents and it is worth knowing how they play. The application monitors the manner in which everyone plays pre-flop, on the flop and subsequent streets, which helps players in making an educated decision. Knowing that someone is only playing premium hands will trigger a defensive stance and those using the software will have no problems in folding their strong hands against such opponents.

Some decisions would've been much more difficult without using such an application, and running into monster hands with strong cards is one of the main reasons for going bust. The best thing about these programs is that they collect data whenever they are online, even if the owner doesn't play at that time. Add to this the fact that some poker networks release comprehensive databases that contain all the hands that were played over the last month, and things turn from good to better. By feeding this information to the software, it would expand its knowledge instantly and will be able to provide more accurate advice.