Side Bets, Dealer Up Strategy in Caribbean Stud Poker

In these places, the side bet is usually associated with a wager that has nothing to do with the actual game, made by players or bystanders. These can range between sports events, the results of other games played in the same casino, or specific events that are likely to occur at their own table. Interesting as they might seem, these are nothing more than distractions and in many cases they come back to bite players, as they don't focus at the game at hand.

Over the Internet the side bets are very popular and have a different nature, as they are also known as bonus bets which are suggested by the casino software. What usually happens is that players are provided with the opportunity of placing an additional wager for the sake of maximizing potential profits. Those who want to qualify for progressive jackpots, are also asked to bet a minimum amount or place an additional wager besides the antes and standard bets. Appealing as they might be, these side bets should be approached with care and only after an in-depth research.

One reason is that despite the apparent benefits, the house edge is considerable, in most cases this being much higher than the edge the house has at the basic game. Caribbean stud poker games developed by Realtime Gaming for instance can greatly increase the amounts won, for those who accept the idea of taking higher risks. Remember that the side bet is optional and it is entirely up to the player whether to take the opportunity or focus on the regular game. More on side bets in online casinos can be found that

Dealer Up strategy in Caribbean Stud Poker

Apparently Caribbean stud poker is a game that anyone can play easily, because there are very few decisions that players need to make. Unlike Texas hold 'em or other games of cards where there are several betting rounds, in this version players need to decide only how to play their starting hands. Nevertheless, there are many tactics that if mastered can increase the odds of winning and the dealer up strategy is one of them. As the name suggests, the system revolves around the one card that the dealer reveals in the game and instructs players about which hands to fold and when to call.

The rule of the thumb says that whenever you have a pair the right thing to do is to raise, but you still need to consider the hands that have you beat. A pair of eights or nines for instance recommend a bet, even if the dealer shows a king, because the odds of pairing it are slim. It is more likely for him to also hold an ace which would make his hand qualify and enable you to win both the ante and the wager. A straight is quite rare and if you're lucky enough to be dealt one, and the payout for such a hand is 4 to 1 which makes the raise mandatory regardless of what cards the dealer shows.

Three of a kind pay less but render the risk of a push bet inexistent, so wagering the maximum amount is almost guaranteed to bring profits. Unless you have at least a pair, there is no point in even considering a wager, regardless of what cards the dealer shows. The only way to win back your antes is for the dealer not to qualify, but this is not a reason to maximize your exposure by placing another bet.