Playtech and Bingo

The main difference between their game and the one played in regular bingo halls, is that players no longer compete against each other, but are awarded a prize based on fixed odds. The name of the game is Pop Bingo and the goal is to finish the cards as soon as possible, with the top payment being 10,000 to 1. This is awarded to those who finish their cards in less than 40 pops, with the next payout in line being for a similar achievement in 45 pops.

In this case the prize is 10 times lower and the same progression continues for the prizes corresponding to 50 pops. A 50 to 1 payout is awarded to those who complete their cards within 57 pops and each time more pops are added, the prize is decreased, with the last payout being 0.5 to 1 for those who require as many as 88 pops. One of the most important decisions that Pop Bingo have to make is how much they intend to wager, as this varies from as little as $.10 to $100.

Since there is an obvious link between risk and potential profits, it comes as no surprise that a maximum bet can trigger a payout of $1 million. Unlike keno games where players can pick their numbers, in Pop Bingo this is not possible but instead they can replace the play card as many times as they want. Naturally there is no reason to do so because the odds are exactly the same, but those who are superstitious and prefer to have their lucky numbers on the bingo slips, will appreciate this feature.

Do number selection techniques make a difference?

Until recently, players were not able to choose the numbers on their bingo tickets, but online casinos are now meeting them half way. Even though it isn't yet possible to choose your favorite numbers in most online venues, a software is set in place for players to shuffle through many tickets. Those who have a lot of patience and are determined to play only with bingo tickets that have suitable numbers inscribed on them, will eventually come very close to their goal. It is only a matter of time until all online casinos will allow bingo players to choose their favorite numbers before starting the game.

The question is whether this will make any difference or not and if it is really worth going through all the trouble of manually choosing the numbers. The theories could be different and both the supporters and detractors are very vocal and have their arguments that are unwilling to forsake. On one hand there are players who simply refuse to believe in lucky numbers and prefer the convenience of having the numbers preselected. This enables them to save time and start playing right away, and this is not something that they are willing to trade for anything associated to superstition.

Those who think that different number selection techniques have an impact on your chances to win, are constantly looking for numbers that will create the ideal pattern. The search for hot, cold and due numbers is never-ending but there are no irrefutable arguments in favor of choosing the numbers in this manner. It is only fair to say that number selection techniques don't make a difference, but can make the game of bingo even more exciting for those who believe in them.