How to Get a Good Image at the Table and What Keeps the American Roulette Alive

Texas hold 'em is essentially a strategy game played in real time, where all the information that one can extract about an opponent helps on the long run. Some players wonder which is the best table image that one can project when playing, and among the popular candidates are tight aggressive and loose aggressive images.

The advantage of being regarded as a tight aggressive player is that your opponents will take you seriously each time you bet. If you can preserve this kind of image, you will have countless opportunities of taking down pots without having the best hand. Players are less likely to call the raise made by a tight aggressive opponents, because they know that they are probably having the worse hand. Furthermore, these kinds of players are known for following up with the increasingly high bets, which makes it unprofitable to keep calling higher amounts while drawing.

The downside of a tight aggressive image is that you gain very little action and your opponents will stay away from the pots in which you get involved. This brings us to the loose aggressive version, which is suitable for experienced players who can invest larger amounts of money without getting pot committed. The advantage of this style of poker is that you enter many pots and your opponents are not frightened by you, therefore are more susceptible to step into traps. The bottom line is that both table images have upsides and shortcomings and players should choose the one that mirrors their game style. As a general rule, a beginner should embrace a tight aggressive style and later move on to a loose aggressive one.

What keeps the American roulette alive

Evolution is unstoppable and when a superior product is available on the market for the same price, the inferior one is eventually going to disappear. Those who play roulette might find it difficult to understand why the American roulette is still fairly popular online, despite the fact that it has a higher house edge. While it is easy to explain why this type of game exists in brick and mortar casinos located in United States, where the gambling legislation is preventing people from playing online, elsewhere it is a mystery.

Online casinos are partially responsible for keeping the American roulette alive, because they are the ones who benefit most from the fact that the odds are stacked against players. The difference between the two types of roulette is easy to understand, with the American version having two zeros that render all even bets worthless. In terms of sheer numbers, European roulette has a house edge of 2.70%, while the American one escalates it to a massive 5.26%. In order to attract players, casinos offer bonuses and try to convince their members that it is preferable to play American roulette for redeeming these bonuses.

You might find it hard to believe that someone who is playing roulette online, will let some theoretical notion such as patriotism hurt their chances to win. Still there are many Americans who remain faithful to this type of roulette despite knowing that the house has a higher edge, due to the fact that it has the term American in its name. While these explanations should shed some light on why American roulette is not extinct yet, anyone who is solely concerned about beating the odds should play the European one.