Various Tips for Caribbean Stud Poker

It is only fair to say that among casino games, this one has a fairly high house edge, which means that on the long run players are more likely to lose then to win. It comes as no surprise that the house always wins, but knowing the odds of triumphing with different hands and weaving a suitable strategy can turn the tables in your favor.

More conservative Caribbean stud poker players, will recommend to only play A K J 8 3 or better hands, because by doing so the house edge is decreased to a bit higher than 2%. This rule might seem a bit arbitrary, but for beginners who don't know how to interpret the dealer’s up card, it is a good way to start. One important thing that needs to be remember is that once in every five hands the dealer won't qualify, which means that the players will win their ante bet regardless of what cards they hold.

In order to win big when playing Caribbean stud poker, it is essential to sit down at those tables that offer progressive jackpots, but this involves an additional fee. In most cases the standard amount required is of one dollar, but even though it appears to be an insignificant sum, an average player will spend around $50 per hour extra. Depending on what stakes you play, and how high the jackpot is, paying the additional dollar can be a good or bad decision. Few know that in more than half of the hands, the player should fold his cards and even less are willing to do it, but this is an essential ingredient for staying profitable.

Single player Cryptologic Caribbean Stud Poker

Most Caribbean stud poker players will eventually get bored with your original game, and will start looking for similar titles. While they want their game to be in the same ballpark as Caribbean stud poker, little variations don't hurt and Cryptologic’s take should keep them wired for many hours. The software developer created a game that is meant to be played in single player and is allowing players to choose between different types of bets. These are grouped in ranges with the lowest being from €1-€50 and the highest from €100-€1000, so that the distinction is made between regulars and highrollers.

The rules of the game are virtually unaltered by the slight changes, so the player is still expected to place the ante before receiving the cards facing down. The dealer is the one who exposes his first card, and then the player does the same for all the cards, before deciding whether he bets or folds his hand. The wager should consist of twice the amount of the ante and once this is done the dealer reveals the other cards as well. The strength of his hand has to be at least A K high to qualify and if this happens, the player wins if he has the better hand, with the profit being determined by the payout table.

The difference resides in the fact that in Cryptologic Caribbean Stud Poker the player is warned when he plans to fold a hand that is at least A-K high. The reason is to prevent him from making a mistake, and the same goes for players who fold after making a progressive jackpot wager. These warnings are supposed to prevent players from straying too far from the optimum play, therefore they come to his rescue. The Auto Bet feature is also one of the best in online Caribbean stud poker variants as it also allows players to make fixed, pattern and conditional bets.