Pluscoup and Guetting Strategies

It is both exciting and sustainable, because you can't lose a lot of money in a single session and when you are lucky the profits you make are considerable. There are no strings attached or complicated rules, so no matter how intense the action might be at the roulette, players will have plenty of time to follow the strategy without error.

As most roulette systems, the Pluscoup system begins with the player wagering one unit, so it is important to keep the initial bet low. This will help you avoid losing more than you can afford, by hitting the roulette limit or by running out of funds during losing streak. Players will return to the initial unit after losing around, regardless of how much they have won in the previous roulette spins. When winning they are expected to double up the previous bet, just like they would when playing the martingale, except that you don't chase your losses but try to extract as much as possible from winning streaks.

When using the Pluscoup system, players should keep their winnings and bankroll separate, immediately after they break even, so that they won't leave the roulette with no profits. It is entirely up to the player to focus on inside or outside bets, but the odds are better if they don't turn greedy and wager on even bets. Knowing when to call it a day and cash out in the middle of a winning streak is of critical importance, but this kind of self-control is beyond any roulette system and players are responsible for their actions.

Master the four levels of the Guetting strategy

Without being the easiest roulette strategies that players can use to keep their losses low and maximize their winnings, the Guetting system is worth mastering. The main difference between this strategy and other roulette systems, is that instead of a string of numbers, players need to follow four distinct levels. The first level begins with two units, and when it is time to move forward players will discover that level two has three distinct steps and a progression that goes like this 3-4-6.

If their winning streak is long enough, the third level has a sequence of 8-12-16 units while the fourth and final level has three stages and the progression is 20-30-40. Naturally, it is not very simple to memorize all these numbers, and with the Guetting system having some particularities it is better to simply write down the levels and their corresponding stages. During a winning streak, players will bet twice on each unit and if both spins are successful move to the next stage, so a standard sequence with look pretty much like this: 2-2-3-3-4-4-6-6.

When the winning streak ends and things go downhill, players decrease the wager and return to the previous stage instead of betting a single unit once again. It is just as important to put an end to a winning streak before it goes into reversal, as it is to refrain from chasing losses. Those who are unlucky enough to begin with a losing streak, might find it increasingly difficult to keep wagering the amounts that the Guetting system requires. When this happens, players should simply accept the losses and leave the roulette table, before things go out of control. On the other hand, winning streaks shouldn't be extended too much and securing profits should be the priority.