Huge Lottery Prizes

At least this seems to be the case of a £64m lottery winner who matched all the numbers in June but hasn't come forward to claim his prize. With the deadline being only a couple of hours away, lottery authorities are frantically looking for the winner, so that the money won't be forfeit. There are some who still think that the ticket owner is waiting until the very last minute, just to draw additional attention and keep everyone on their toes.

On the other hand, this kind of attitude is not only immature but potentially dangerous because the one who would resort to such a strategy, would expose himself to significant risks. What is more likely is that the one who won the lottery is not even aware of his good fortune and the ticket was lost or destroyed. In this unfortunate scenario, nothing can be done because in a matter of hours the money will return to the National Lottery. The organization will use it for good causes, as it does with all unclaimed money and also a significant percentage of the funds collected as a result of selling lottery tickets.

This means that even the worst-case scenario in which the winner doesn't show up in time, is not that dramatic because others would benefit from this money. There are plenty of nonprofit organizations and charitable foundations who need funding, and £64m would work wonders if the cash is used properly. Only time will tell whether the winner will claim the money in the last moment, or if the aforesaid fate awaits it, but the good thing is that those who are curious about the outcome don't have much to wait.

25 chances to become a millionaire this Christmas

The Euromillions are known for being the best paying European lottery and over the course of time it made many lucky winners millionaires. British players have an additional opportunity of winning significant amounts, by buying an additional ticket for the UK Millionaire Raffle. The draws take place twice a week just as the Euromillions, but once a year the special draw is held on Christmas Day. 25 players will win an equal amount of 1,000,000 pounds, which explains why during this time of the year the interest revolving around the millionaire raffle is significant.

Given the fact that the extra investment is insignificant, it would be silly for those who purchase Euromillions tickets not to enter the special draw as well. It goes by the name of Christmas Millionaire Raffle 2012 and tickets are already selling like hot cookies, and there is still plenty of time to buy your own. The odds of actually winning the prize are still very low, but compared with similar draws this special one dedicated to the winter holidays is guaranteed to make 25 new millionaires.

The same thing happened one year ago, when the special draw was introduced and the lottery operator has good reasons to expect the same kind of enthusiasm from new and regular players. Those who buy tickets and fail to win on Christmas Day, will have an additional chance just a week later when the New Year's Day Millionaire Raffle 2013 is held. The terms and conditions are exactly the same and 25 jackpot of 1,000,000 pounds each will be awarded to some lucky players who will start 2013 on the right foot.