Camelot Lottery Group and Bingo Ghost Players

Despite the controversies surrounding the last franchise award, Camelot is a respected operator and regarded as an innovator for the online lottery industry. In 1993 and 2001, they received the new franchise award, despite the competition claiming irregularities and threatening to take matters to court. Except for these two bumps in the road, Camelot thrives and constantly improved its online infrastructure by using the latest technologies to facilitate the players’ access the information.

A lottery ticket costs only one pound, but with Camelot retaining 5% of the price it comes as no surprise that the company reported profits of £50 millions last year. 10% of the amount they receive for each ticket sold is the profit while 90% is used for operational costs and this includes investments. Purchasing tickets for the lottery operated by this company is now much easier because they can be acquired over the Internet. The same website will display the drawn numbers immediately after the event takes place, which makes it easy for players to learn if they won something or not.

An unforeseen problem is that scam artists have used the opportunity and took advantage of Camelot's popularity online to increase the number of deceitful campaigns. Fake websites that are almost identical clones to Camelot's main website are trying to trick people into revealing personal information or place orders for bogus products. On the bright side, the company has a reputation for honesty and generosity with a significant part of its income being donated to charity. Now that the operational costs have been decreased by a quarter, Camelot has even more funds at its disposal to make donations.

What are bingo ghost players?

The advantage of playing bingo in regular venues is that you know exactly who your opponents are and get the chance to interact with them. This is a social game and frankly, it is not the big profits that keep players coming back for more, but the nice feeling of being a part of a vibrant community. Many bingo players were reluctant to start playing online, because they felt that by making the transition they will have to forsake human interaction. It is only partially true, because live chat rooms, make it possible for players to talk to each other while they play, and the circle of friends can be greatly expanded.

One of the things that is downright frightening about online gambling is the fact that you are basically competing against the house, which is also operating the software. Some players go that far that they accuse the operators for rigging the game, and are constantly looking for proof that the software is unfair. When it comes to bingo, it is obvious that some players will lose while others win, but this has sparked a new concern regarding ghost players. These are those opponents that seem to be always winning and never take breaks, so whenever you join a bingo game, they seem to be present.

The debate is on about whether online casinos are using these kind of bingo robots to strip players of their winnings, and have the cash returned to the casino. It certainly can be done, and an unfair operator willing to deceive his clients could pull it off without the players realizing it. The only way of protecting yourself from this threat is by sticking to a bingo operator that has trustworthy software which is regularly audited.