Basic and Advanced Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean stud poker might not be the one with the lowest house edge, but those who play it correctly and know which are the most common mistakes committed by rookies, will not go broke easily. There are a couple of things that you must accept before sitting down at a Caribbean stud poker table, and some inside knowledge that can help you make the best decisions.

For instance, many players either dismiss progressive jackpots as not worth the expense, or do the exact opposite and jump headfirst whenever they see one. The right thing to do is to play for the jackpot only when this it is in excess of $100,000, because otherwise the odds are stacked against you. In live casinos proper etiquette says that you are not allowed to talk to other players, and give away hints about your future actions. Online this situation doesn't occur, and the player is all alone against the dealer, with a set of hands that cannot be folded, so he can focus entirely on his game.

Many players tends to overrate the importance of the dealer’s up card, which despite being significant in deciding your next move is not the only thing that matter. There is no reason to be scared if the card is a King or an Ace as long as you have a lower pair, because the odds of the house winning the round are not that great. If the dealer doesn't have at least King or an ace the hand will be void, but if the tee up card is neither of them, don't be hasty and bet aggressively because what you see is just the tip of the iceberg.

Advanced Caribbean stud poker

Having a general idea about how Caribbean stud poker is supposed to be played helps in the early stages, but eventually players need to step up and employ more advanced tactics. Whether they weave them or use strategies that were created by experts, this kind of personal upgrade is vital for staying profitable in a game where the house has an edge. There are a couple of essential plays that can’t be ignored and fortunately they are easy to learn as the actions depend exclusively on what cards the dealer is holding.

Knowing how to play A-K is essential because when the player is being dealt these cards, he needs to evaluate his chances correctly. In case the dealer has a King or Ace as a face card the player should only raise if he has a queen or jack in addition to his king and ace. Another thing that players must take into account is whether they have the face up card that the dealer is holding. The reason for why this action is desirable is that the dealer is less likely to make a pair with that undercard, as there are fewer left.

In any of those cases when the dealer is showing a low face card, and the player holds something like A-K-Q or A-K-J, the latter would be wise to raise. These simple strategies are going to help players decrease the otherwise significant house edge and make it reasonable, not to mention that it will give the kind of structure that anyone needs when playing casino games. The rules apply to Caribbean stud progressive jackpots although some are a bit tweaked and other added to help players maximize their chances.